Career Management

Need Career Advice or help with Career Development, Management or Transition?  We can help you showcase your unique talents through: 

  • reviewing and suggesting changes to your existing resume or helping you identify some key differentiators between you and everyone else to create a new resume
  • assisting you to prepare a cover letter based on the specific requirements of a posting or job description 
  • preparing you for an interview through a mock interview process 
  • creating a strong job search strategy that isn't just about applying to on-line postings - how to network, how to approach organizations where you don't know someone

Book a complimentary 15 minute Helpout Session today. To get the most out of our time together please send any relevant documents in advance with a short description of what you want our focus to be. A brief background about you would be helpful too.


What Clients say:

One of the best Helpouts! Karen was very knowledgeable and informative. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs help with their resume/ cover letter. I'll definitely be scheduling another Helpout with her soon. Cierra Releford

Karen did her research about me based on the materials I had sent her and was prepared for the meeting. So, no time was wasted on going through known material. In order to provide relevant advice, one needs to be a good listener which she indeed was. She ended up spending much longer time than allotted and provided some key unemotional perspectives which helped me a lot in my thinking about the different career choices ahead of me. All in all, it was the best hour I spent in recent times. Thank you Karen. P. Krishna

I have got a best suggestions from her to build my resume in unique way. Harish Gadde

Karen was immensely helpful during the 15 minute Helpout she provided. She provided great insights on how to create a more powerful narrative for the profile section of my resume, use of verbs to communicate how I achieved my accomplishments, and reorganizing different sections to help recruiters how I can deliver value to their company. I would recommend anyone who is looking for that final polish on their resume to seek advice from Karen.  Percy Poon

My session with Karen was excellent. She quickly understood my situation and helped me strategize and come up with a few concrete action items to move my job hunt forward. I would definitely recommend speaking with her and I look forward to working with her in more detail on my resume. Thanks Karen!  Edoe Cohen

Great first session. Gave me a blueprint of what I need to do as a starting point in over-hauling my out-of-date CV. Prior to speaking with her, I was quite over-whelmed with the whole process. I'm now looking forward to this new chapter of my career, starting with my new resume. Thanks, Karen! Victoria D.

This was my first Helpout and Karen gave me a lot of good tips and went out of her way to make sure I was clear on everything we went over. I would recommend this helpout for anyone looking for resume help. Also record everything so you can review it in the future!  Rio Lish

Super helpful, had some great tips on cleaning up my resume and making it easier to read. Would definitely recommend! Tonia Leung

Thank you so much for taking the time out to speak to me regarding my resume! Karen had excellent feedback and provided documentation on ways to improve my resume. Maulin Parikh

From beginning to end, I was astounded by Karen's expertise, candid feedback, insight, and warmth. Her critique of my resume, and targeted questioning helped me refocus on my unique contributions, and how to position them as major selling points. Karen was clear and direct. What emerged from our Helpout was clarity, actionable tasks, and confidence in my story. Karen even offered to review my enhancements following our session - priceless! If you need resume assistance, help honing and/or refining your personal leadership story, or executive coaching, I would highly recommend Karen! Harvey Floyd II

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Karen. She was very warm and welcoming and totally gave me the necessary reassurance needed for my soon to be career transition. I would work with her again in a heartbeat! Ashlee Lecorps

It was great to have the review with Karen. She could point out the changes exactly and given feedback on the changes to be made. One of the learning would be, it would be great if you can share the resume one day earlier than the scheduled Helpout as it will help her to review and prepare with the comments than to share at the time of Helpout. Thank you for your great work. Appreciate it.  Anban Sunderson Jawaharlal

Karen is a real expert on Human Resources, Career and Job Interviewing. I was looking for advice on a specific topic, as I will have a very important interview in a few weeks, and she gave me very good advice on things to do, and even ways of talking, vocabulary to use, skills to show, among others. Now I feel more confident for my future challenge. All of this was very positively complemented by her work before the Helpout; she sent me useful documents on interviewing, and she carefully read my CV and all the materials I sent her, so she gave me very good and personalized advice and highlights. I will certainly recommend her to my friends and workmates. Leiza Brumat

Working with Karen really helped reduce some of the trepidation I had around starting my job search. She gave concrete examples of how I could make my resume more "achievement-oriented" and helped me with some networking tips as well. She had a very calm and helpful demeanor that immediately put me at ease. I am looking forward to working with her again. Charlyn Ortal

Great advice for getting started on a career! Ryan Bergeron

My Helpout with Karen left an amazing impression on me. I felt Karen really understood my feelings toward my career and was able to match that understanding with truly valuable advice and direction. I was very skeptical of what could happen in a Helpout, but my time was certainly not wasted! I had an was an outstanding experience, and I left it feeling incredibly satisfied and positive about my next career moves. Steven Pedeaux

Karen provided we with good feedback on my cover letter and resume. She assisted with formatting and gave advice on how to better show who I was and my accomplishments. In addition, she gave me great career advice on how to secure the position I am seeking. Jammie Jelks

Karen is warm and friendly! She informative and gives great suggestions! Her mentorship in my career transition is going to be one that I'm going to value and cherish! Nicole Peters

Karen is highly professional, in depth, and went out her way to help me out! Would highly recommend her for resume, and career consulting help! Shivam Shah

Karen was on time, cordial and a pleasure to deal with. She emailed me regarding supporting docs before my call and we discussed my resume with her. She gave insightful points and I would recommend the use of her services in the future to anyone. Sathyendra Nandula

Karen was very helpful during the session and gave me good inputs from her past experience. Her examples really help me into thinking and organizing my own experiences. I also really appreciate the effort she put into the session's preparation and her willingness to help even after the session. Tarina T.

Karen is very knowledgeable in career advising. I came to her confused with how to take my next step in my career and she helped me sort it all out and even set up an action plan to follow after the session. She is very polite and listens to your needs. I definitely recommend her  if you have any sort of career questions or just looking for a general advice. Leon Kuzmin

I really enjoy this Helpout. Karen was very kind and her advices were precise and objective. Thank you very much! Daniel Rios

Karen did an excellent job critiquing my resume and cover letter. I would definitely recommend her to view your resume or your writing. She is really kind and makes you feel very comfortable. Fahad Khan

Great first session! Pretty motivational! Christopher Fernando