personal coaching

Feeling stuck? Or wanting something to be different in your life but not sure where to start? Personal coaching can help you to: 

  • clarify what's really important through identifying your core values or looking at the key components of your life
  • uncover what's holding you back - perhaps you have some self-limiting beliefs or are considering only one or two perspectives?
  • create an action plan to get you started - it doesn't have to be huge - beginning anything starts with just one step
  • be accountable - to yourself - when you understand why something is important and you make a commitment to yourself to do something about it that's very powerful

Sounds easy doesn't it? But if it were just that easy you'd have already done it by now. So why not give personal coaching a try? 


What Clients say:

Karen was personable, trustworthy and incredibly intuitive in knowing how to guide me to where I needed to get to.  She didn’t give me the answers but instead coached in such a way that I was made accountable for the goals I had set for myself.  Karen was consistently optimistic and encouraging in her approach.  Karen was a privilege with work with.  Her constant, “let’s do it” attitude is addictive!  I would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their current situation or anyone wanting to make a positive change. Executive Assistant, Financial Services Industry

Karen is very easy to work with and I felt very comfortable discussing and sharing information that in the end, is required to further develop.  Karen is very intuitive as to what needs to be discussed and is focused on making sure the initial goals and targets are being considered through each session, as well as providing instant sound advice for specific situational problems. Designer, Architectural Co

Coaching has been helpful in my progression in business and has also affected my thought process on personal aspects. The need to keep growing, maturing, looking at different perspectives and taking the “road less traveled” has definitely been a driver. Quality of life at work and home is becoming very important, the need to achieve both simultaneously is the main goal. Senior Manager, Architectural Co