Executive coaching

Receiving feedback that your management style needs some work?

Perhaps you're a top performer wanting to take it to the next level?

Maybe you've had a recent promotion and feeling a bit out of your depth? Or missed the promotion and not sure what you might do differently to achieve that goal next time?

Whatever your reasons, executive coaching might be the answer. We start wherever you are... maybe an assessment to determine a starting point? Most of us know our strengths and weaknesses but sometimes perception is different from reality. In any event, our coaching focuses on your agenda, your goals and creating a strategy that works for you. 


What Clients say:

Karen did a great job throughout our months together at not trying to second-guess my priorities, but by pushing me to get above the fray and work on my business and my personal growth in an intentional way.  One of the most valuable parts for me was having the commitment to that appointment every two weeks where my focus would be on *how* I was managing and leading, *what* I was investing my time in, and *where* I wanted to be going.  Just like fitness, that time investment doesn't happen unless it's in the calendar.  CEO, IT Industry

Karen provides practical real-world experience which you can focus on and use to improve your own skills. Karen truly cares about your progress, and having Karen as a coach allows you to be accountable to your own goals. Through Karen I have seen myself progress rapidly and doubts about my future success have completely faded away. Thanks to Karen I know what success looks like, I can literally visualize it and I can’t wait to continue applying myself to achieve it! Senior Manager, Accounting & Audit

Coaching with Karen allowed me to explore different angles and perspectives which I had never thought of before. Karen challenged my thoughts on who I was and how I performed; she broke through barriers which I had struggled with for years and she provided me with the confidence to succeed. Manager, Government Organization

As a senior leader within our organization it helped having Karen as a "sounding board" - without judgement and just to hear myself think out loud was a real gift. Manager, Human Resources

travelling in the fog??? get some clarity...

travelling in the fog??? get some clarity...